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Cathedral is the ONLY tribute to Van Halen that performs both Roth & Hagar material in their setlist!

Tyler Morris - Guitar

Tyler Morris is a 2x Grammy Nominated Guitar player and the founder of Cathedral. He has performed with Sammy Hagar, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vince Neil, numerous others and released 4 internationally acclaimed albums. Morris is well known worldwide as a guitarist, regularly being featured in magazines and joining music royalty onstage. Currently, Morris is on an Arena tour with his original band, Tyler Morris, opening for Chris Young, Lauren Alaina and ZZ Top. Morris endorses Gibson, Marshall, EVH, Fender Martin and others. 


Kirk Bartholomew - Bass

Kirk Bartholomew is the beating heart and soul of this band. A veteran of the 80s sunset strip scene and a longtime bass player hailing from New England, Kirk is a longtime lover and fanatic of Michael Anthony and his performance does justice to all of Anthony's eras in the various Van Halen incarnations. Kirk is an endorser of Lakeland, D'addario and many other companies. 


Kev Dagle - Lead Vocals

Kev Dagle is renowned for his ability to flawlessly emulate many iconic singers. Another New England native who has been in numerous successful bands throughout his career, Dagle became addicted to the work of Sammy Hagar and Van Halen at a young age and prides himself on his accuracy and live stage presence when delivering a memorable performance.

Brian LeDuke - Drums

Brian LeDuke is a heavy hitting drummer who has played with a multitude of New England based artists. His drumming style is meticulous and focused on accuracy. As a performer, Brian has incredible chemistry with the band and gets the audience going with his signature style!

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