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"Show was outstanding!! With your eyes closed you wouldn't know it wasn't Eddie up there on stage! Thanks! Hope you come back soon." - Ryan

"I wanted to thank you all for such a unbelievable show last night in Salisbury. To say I'm Van Halen obsessed is to say the least. I sang my lungs out last night and appreciated all the songs even the not as popular ones. I know your job must be hard/frustrating with our age group maybe not being the most active/vocal anymore but I had such a blast! I made all my friends laugh because I was having SUCH a perfect time for me. Also in closing, you allowed me to take a picture with the iconic Eddie red white & black guitar which was the ultimate thrill for me. The picture is worth everything to me! So thank you for being good to a die hard Van Halen fan! You made my night!" 

"It was a truly great show, and one all Van Halen fans should see if they get a chance." - Randy

"The show was great and I am blown away by your talent! I came home and immediately looked you up." - Maureen

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